Techweirdo’s marquee AI platforms augments the ‘last-mile AI delivery’ for businesses

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Democratising the access to AI tools for businesses to be deployed in their application for faster, cheaper and no-code implementations. Our mission is to make AI accessible to as many people as possible by building and integrating features into our platform that help take away some of the expertise required to build, train and evaluate deep learning models.

  • Prebuilt AI models ready to work from.
  • Use the latest AI techniques and update without needing to implement them yourself.
  • Click and run as many different models as you like in minutes, not hours.
  • Ready made visualisations and metrics according to the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • Deploy / rollback your models directly to your platform with one click.
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Unified data platform for all healthcare service providers

Unified data platform for all healthcare service providers Bundl.Health is geared to change how service providers provide remote care and how consumers manage their medical data. The API as a service brings a vast network of healthcare data generated from multiple sources and helps hospitals, emergency care providers, insurance companies and coaches create personalized customer centric experiences For service providers it makes remote care giving and health vital data management seamless through its powerful EHR real- time data monitoring and management dashboard. Healthcare is primary and access to it needs to be uncomplicated, care should come to people without hassles, irrespective of where we go and when we need it. Bundl Health is reimagining healthcare in a way that has never been explored ever before. New

One unified API
Centralized user and data management
Wearable API across platforms
Clinical APIs across service providers
Real-time health data pipeline
Actionable medical & fitness data
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Accounting Analytic Tool

Send visual audit reports to your clients at the click of a button. Amplifying how the accounting firms service their client partners, manage client profile, complete audits and inform their client partners. The tool works towards bringing clarity to a company’s accounts, handling approval requests, categorising receivables and payable items, ensuring complete control on financial standing across the various departments. The embedded intelligence and built in NLP engine, helps process, operate and analyse business data even in unstructured formats.

Flexible deployment
AI driven analysis
Interactive dashboards
Client Self-Service area
Dynamic Storage
Pay per use pricing
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